Mike Tyson Wannabe Arrested On Serious Bodily Injury Charge After Biting Off Her Friend’s Ear


The North Carolina student, 18, allegedly summoned her inner Mike Tyson and bit off a “large portion” of a fellow student’s earlobe during a brawl on a school bus, police charge. 

According to an arrest warrant, Romero tangled last Friday with Emiyah Lane Brown, 16, as they were traveling home from East Wake High School in Wendell, a town 20 miles west of Raleigh. More after the cut…

The fight began after the younger student threw her lunch bag at Romero. As the young scholars subsequently exchanged slaps and pulled each other’s hair, Romero inflicted a “serious bodily injury” upon Brown by “biting off a large portion of her right ear lobe,” the warrant notes.

Romero, a Raleigh resident, was arrested last night on a felony assault charge. She is being held in the Wake County lockup in lieu of $15,000 bail, according to jail records. Romero’s rap sheet includes prior collars for assault and battery, fighting, and failure to appear in court. 

For some reason, Romero and Brown remain friends on Facebook