Meet Nigerian Man Who Bleached Himself from Black to White And Now Fixes Nails – Photos


Olanrewaju is said to be a Lagos businessman who is originally from Ogun state. His social media accounts are full wondering followers who can’t differentiate if he is really a male or a female.

He dresses almost like a lady with professional make-up on, posts photos of his attires and how much he bought them and so many other unbelievable vices. More after the cut…

From the social accounts he operates, one can deduce that he’s a friendly and sociable person, a fashionista, he talks rich and he runs a fashion boutique in Lagos.

According to his recent photos, he celebrated his 25th birthday in a lavish event. Just like women, he fixed very long artificial nails, he now applies heavy make-up, fix his hair, eyelashes, colour eye contact, plumped his lips and recently got a tattoo replica of the one Rihanna has.