Man Charged With Secretly Videotaping 20 Women As They Changed In Mall Female dressing rooms.


Bryan Roberts, 47, of Troy, MO faces charges of secretly recording over 20 women while they were changing

Missouri man, Bryan Roberts, 47, is charged with secretly videotaping women in changing rooms by sneaking a cell phone under their doors. 

A man has been charged with secretly videotaping over 20 women who were getting undressed in mall changing rooms. Bryan Roberts, 47, of Troy, Missouri, is accused of cutting a hole into a garment bag so he could put a cell phone camera in it, and then slipping the bag under the fitting rooms of stores in a local mall, according to Fox2Now. More after the cut…

He was caught when one woman who was in a changing room at a store at the Mid-Rivers Mall in Saint Peters kept noticing a bag near the door of her changing room.  The unidentified woman told police the bag would mysteriously appear and disappear near her door as she was getting undressed. Finally, she put her clothes back on and opened the door, but the bag and the person holding it were gone.

The Mid-Rivers Mall in Saint Peters was the scene of perversity as a man was arrested and charged with sneaking a bag with a cell phone camera under women's dressing room doors

Then police were alerted that a man was trying to do something similar at a different mall in Chesterfield. Police say as they tried to catch the suspect, he ran and tossed his phone but the phone was recovered.  On the phone, authorities say they found about 20 different women in various stages of undress, some completely naked.


Cops said only three of the women videotaped have been identified, and one of them worked in one of the stores – the suspect had allegedly placed his bag near her feet and filmed up her skirt.  Roberts is charged with two counts of invasion of privacy, but could face additional charges. He is free on a $20,000 bond.