Make America Hate Again: Punches Fly At Donald Trump rally in Arizona As A Man Attacks Protester Being Escorted Out – Video


A man inside a Donald Trump rally in Arizona Saturday was caught on cell phone video violently punching and kicking a protester who was being led from the event.

The disturbing melee occurred around 3 p.m. in Tucson amid a chanting, rabid crowd that booed as a group of protesters made their presence known. More after the cut…

In the video, an adult male starts punching a protester  who can’t be clearly seen amid the crowd. When the protester falls, the man was caught wildly kicking at the body while people try to pull him away.

A swarm of security officers were able to break the fight up. The officers could be seen cuffing the man’s hands behind his back before leading him away. It wasn’t clear if the protesters interrupted a speech by GOP front-runner Trump or if the presidential candidate had yet to arrive.

Earlier in the day, anti-Donald Trump protesters blocked an Arizona highway and created a traffic nightmare in a bid to keep Trump his supporters from attending a rally in Fountain Hills.

The Trump haters parked their cars in the middle of the three-lane road that leads to Fountain Park — where the candidate was scheduled to speak at 2 p.m. EST and some protesters even chained themselves to their vehicles to slow down cops’ efforts to clear the blockade. Police eventually dispersed the crowd and arrested three people.

“We don’t want Donald Trump in Arizona. We don’t want his hatred,” the lead protester told an NBC News reporter on the scene.

Trump took the stage an hour late and did not address the traffic jam. Instead, he hurled insults at his rivals, promised to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexican border and claimed America “is not winning anymore” during a rambling, wide-ranging speech that provided few concrete policy details.

“You’re going to say, ‘Mr. President! We’re winning too much! I can’t stand it!’” Trump barked. “We are going to have victories again … we are going to win again, all the time.”

“I want to stop Trump,” one demonstrator who chained her car said. “He doesn’t have a place in this state. He doesn’t have a place in the U.S.”

Cops somehow freed the woman, despite her claim that she didn’t have a key to the locks. Two officers picked her up and carried her off of the road