London Pentecostal Church Has Been Fined £7,740 For Holding Noisy 3am Night Vigil Services


Kingdom Church

A London pentecostal church whose loud 3am ceremonies supposedly ward off “demonic attacks” has been fined £7,740 for anti-social behaviour.

Neighbours complained about noise from Kingdom Church in Camberwell, whose followers believe that evil spirits are at their strongest early in the morning. More after the cut…

A statement on its website reads: “It is a well-known time that witchcraft and negative elements begin to work in the early hours of the morning.”

The church, led by Bishop Climate Irungu, boasts in a video about the service’s power to heal ailments such as “demonic rash”.  Bishop Irungu’s site also sells various anointed items designed to help believers improve their lives. The range includes the £10 Miracle Pack, complete with the dubious sell-on: “guarantees 100% Victory.”

But unfortunately the Bishop and his flock couldn’t guarantee victory against the long arm of the law. After repeated complaints about noise, Southwark Borough Council took the Kingdom Church to court, resulting in the £7,740 fine under the Environmental Protection Act.

Camberwell church

Southwark councillor Michael Situ told the Mail Online: “We would have preferred to settle this matter out of court, but unfortunately our attempts to work with the church leaders were ignored. “We hope the penalty helps to remind both the leaders, and the wider community, anti-social behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated and wrongdoers will be made to pay one way or another.”

Bishop Irungu protested against the fine, telling Southwark news that the situation couldn’t have been avoided.

He said: “It is a big fine and we will be appealing against it. I do not deny that we made some noise – we did. But we have spent nearly ten thousand pounds reducing the noise. And I was out of the country so could not go to court. “We are based is an industrial area. But there are new flats and they complain. The flats were meant to be offices but they became houses. People could hear it, especially in summer when they open their windows.”