The rapper denies he recently had a severe seizure that prompted him to cancel his gig at a pre-UFC party at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas.

Lil Wayne says he’s “good” following a report that he suffered another seizure over the weekend.

Responding to a TMZ article about his health condition, the Young Money leader himself took to Twitter on Monday, July 11 to thank fans for their prayers and assure them they had nothing to worry about.

“False Alarm! I appreciate da prayers and konsern but I’m good!!! Luv!!!!” he tweeted. Earlier that day, TMZ claimed that he had a severe seizure shortly before he was supposed to take the stage at a pre-UFC party at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas. The site also said he had to cancel the gig as he was rushed to the hospital and spent time in the ICU.

After canceling multiple performances a few years ago, Tunechi revealed in a 2013 interview that he suffers from epilepsy and is “prone to seizures.”

Last month, his plane made emergency landing in Nebraska and Omaha following two seizures. At the time, he denied that his use of lean had anything to do with his seizures, explaining that he simply didn’t properly take his epilepsy medication before the incident.