A Lagos-based painter, Kayode Abiola has bitten off the nose of his friend, Mr. Joseph Ajaye, a carpenter during a fight over a customer.

Painter, Abiola and Ajaye have been friends for five years before the ugly incident happened.

It was gathered that when other friends noticed that the two friends have not been in talking terms, they called a peace meeting to settle the impasse. It, however, yielded no positive result as Abiola and Ajaye exchanged hit words during the meeting.

Ajaye while describing his friend said, “He comes to my house at least three times in a week for spiritual guidance . We work in the same shop and people know us as close friends. While he is a painter , I am into carpentry and furniture making. He also scouts for furniture jobs and I do the jobs. Sometimes , he pays me , other times , I leave the money for him.”

He noted that they disagreed over a job Abiola brought to him sometime in May 2015 , which created animosity between them. It was said that the verbal exchange escalated after the suspect allegedly pushed the victim into a gutter, which resulted in a fight.

In the ensuing scuffle, the suspect allegedly drew the victim close and bit off his nose.