Kylie Jenner Finally set the record straight: She’s Back Together With Tyga: “We’re Not Broken Up”


Kylie Jenner confirmed that she and Tyga are definitely back-on as she sat down to chat with Ellen DeGeneres this week. The couple reportedly split last week but were spotted together on Monday night at an after-party for the American Music Awards. So, what’s their status now? More after the cut….

“We’re not broken up,” the 18-year-old reality star says on an upcoming episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “We became best friends before anything happened so I think that, that’s awesome,” Kylie adds. “We’re just … I don’t know … hanging out. Living life.”

“What does that mean, hanging out?” Ellen presses as her guest starts to squirm. “That’s it,” the E! star declares. “We’re still together.”

Ellen now remember the TV star’s sleek $320k Ferrari which Tyga presented her with on her 18th birthday in August.

‘Didn’t he buy you a car or something?’ the 57-year-old star asked.

‘I know, I drove it here’ Jenner replied while smiling.
‘Well I mean stay with him, he bought you a car’ DeGeneres joked before Kylie concurred: ‘I know’

This week Jenner made-up for lost time and celebrated Tyga’s birthday with a belated get-together and cake. ‘Happy Birthday…’ Kylie can be heard singing in a Snapchat, as the camera lingers on a small, white cake decorated in beautiful script that reads: ‘Happy Birthday Tyga.