Kylie Jenner, 18, Shows She’s An Expect In Smoking While Puffing On Vaporizer


Quite a pro: Kylie Jenner shows off her smoke ring skills while puffing on an E-cig a new Snapchat she shared on Thursday

Kylie Jenner revealed one of her pastime achievement in a new Snapchat on Thursday. 

The 18-year-old Kylie shared the controversial video, which was then uploaded on Instagram, showing her seductively puffing on a vaporizer. More after the cut….

And it seems it’s not a new pursuit for the K UWTK star as she showed her skill in blowing smoke rings during the short clip. Kylie is sat in the passenger seat of a car with her dark locks in braids as she gazes at the camera and takes a puff.She lets the smoke sit in her mouth for a brief moment before moving her enhanced pout to create the circular vapors.

Watch this! The KUWTK star's video was uploaded onto her Snapchat Instagram feed and doesn't feature any sound

Of course the clip prompted many users to comment, with some arguing about whether the TV star was smoking weed in the device.
While the gadgets can be used inhale cannabis, they are more often used to smoke atomized e-liquids which can be flavoured and with or without nicotine.

Naughty habit! The youngest Jenner girl is seen behind a cloud of smoke as she gazes at the camera