Kris Jenner’s VIP-Only 60th Birthday Guest List


Keeping up with the Kardashians momager Kris Jenner is throwing an all-out multi-million dollar bash tonight for her not-so-sweet 60th birthday, which was yesterday. The family will be celebrating Kris’s 60th with a Great Gatsby-themed bash on Friday evening

But a source close to the family tells said that there is already tension and fighting going on over what is supposed to be a joyous occasion!

“Kris flat out snubbed so many people that have supported her for her entire life,” the insider says. “And some of them are really upset.” the guest list of 300 will be more of a “who’s who” than it will be an intimate birthday celebration. Expect more of Kendall and Kylie‘s friends than her own! Jenner is focused on creating a talent manager empire by capitalizing on the fame of her young daughters and their posse.But with such a young guest list, the Kardashian matriarch has been going to extremes in recent weeks to look her best. “Kris has not only been dieting and exercising like a mad woman, but she is also planning to go under the knife again to make sure that she looks flawless in the buff,” an online source said, adding that she is even considering doing a nude photo shoot!“She thinks Caitlyn‘s been stealing her limelight and she wants to get it back.”

I can’t wait to bring the best news on this birthday bach. Very soon