Kris Jenner Sacked Her Security team for failing to detain intruder.



Kris Jenner has fired her entire security team after it failed to detain an interloping imposter who snuck into her Hidden Hills mansion in broad daylight earlier this week, TMZ reports.

Kris Jenner, the reality star and her son-in-law Kanye West were reportedly furious that the family members present during the trespass  including 2-year-old North West, newborn Saint West and their mom, Kim Kardashian  were put at risk by the inexplicable gaffe. More after the cut….

As a temporary measure, Kanye West has instated his own team of off-duty cops to protect his Wife and Children, which is currently living under Jenner’s roof, until the 60-year-old momager can hire a more vigilant security detail. 

The intruder, who had reportedly traveled all the way from Texas, weaseled his way into the Los Angeles home Tuesday afternoon disguised as part of a holiday decorating crew and assured Kris Jenner’s security guards he had a meeting with her. 

As a temporary measure, West has instated his own team of off-duty cops to protect his brood.

She called 911 after the prowler confronted her in her office, and police arrested him and placed him on psychiatric hold. Despite the charlatan’s intrusion, Kris Jenner seemed over the moon about the actual decorating crew’s installation of three heavily ornamented Christmas firs in her foyer.

“Thank you @jeffleatham for making my house feel magical for my Grandchildren!!!! I am in awe!!!” Jenner captioned an Instagram photo. “North is in heaven,” Kardashian reportedly also said during a livestream on her website. “She walks by and screams at all the candy canes.”