Kim Kardashian might not be able to carry another child following surgery on her uterus.

This was explained by Kim on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, leaving her and her husband, Kanye West with the option of surrogacy.

36-year old Kim was then seen explaining to her family how her surgery, for a hole in her uterus that has to be fixed before she could attempting to get pregnant again, had left a pregnancy a ‘high risk’.

‘I have to have a surgery on my uterus to kind of repair this hole, so they need to like clean that out and then there’s scar tissue,’ she told Kourtney and Khloe.

‘It will still be a really high-risk pregnancy, just you’d be able to get pregnant.’

Speaking to sisters Khloe and Kourtney, an emotional Kim said she felt the surgery was ‘a waste’ and she was considering other options.

 ‘I think your pregnancies are a lot,’ said Khloe, to which Kim replied: ‘Yeah, but after Paris I feel the need to bring another soul into this world.

‘Kanye is just happy the surgery is over and that I’m fine. I know he wants more kids though so we are going to explore our other options.’

When asked by Kourtney on whether she really wanted ‘to do a surrogate,’ Kim then added: ‘I think that’s what we are going to try. It’s so frustrating.’

Kim shares three-year-old North and one-year-old Saint with husband Kanye West.