James Harden Leaves Strip Club With Mystery Brunette; Is he Cheating On Khloe Kardashian?


James Harden leaves Ace of Diamonds strip club

James Harden left a Los Angeles strip club in the early hours of Tuesday morning and he wasn’t alone.

The NBA star, Harden, who has been dating Khloe Kardashian for over six months, was allegedly seen leaving the Ace of Diamonds club at 4am with a group of friends and a mystery brunette girl. More after the cut….

Harden was seen chatting to the pretty girl, who was rocking a pink leather jacket and white jeans, as he left the venue following a night of partying with fellow Kardashian men Scott Disick and Tyga. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Kardashian sisters, the brunette rocked long brown braids and heavy make-up and stared adoringly at James as they spoke. In one shot it even looked like she had her arm around the star, placing her hand on his back. 

Tyga looks like he's having a ball at the club

The guys’ night out was led by Tyga, who was hosting at the gentleman’s club to celebrate its first year anniversary. The rapper boyfriend of Kylie Jenner looked like he was having a great time as he watched dancers grinding up and down poles in scantily-clad outfit.

Chris Brown, who has been hanging out with Disick quite a bit in recent weeks, also stopped by the club. Despite being brought together by the Kardashian women, none of them joined them for the evening.

Scott Disick was just one of the Kardashian men at the party

The ladies in action at the Ace of Diamonds club

The 31-year-old, Khloe Kardashian, took to Instagram the day after James Harden was pictured with the brunette and admitted she was done with people breaking her heart. 

Taking to Instagram, Khloe posted a quote that read: “Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.”Never compromise the way you desire to be loved. We all should require and demand a certain type of love and that’s for us to choose in any realm. Don’t lose yourself in lowering your standards to make someone else comfortable in love. Search for a love that’s equal. You ARE deserving of equal love!! 💜💜💜

Khloe seemed reflective on Instagram after the night out

She told Entertainment Tonight: “I mean, we make it work. We do make it work… I do like to put my relationships as a priority and I really try to make that work. As long as people are making the effort to do so, I think anything can work.