Is this the worst bank robber in the world? Watch: Bank Robber Battles Open Door In Heist


Calamitous: This bank robber needed help from his partner after seemingly having no idea how to open a door

Surveillance video captures an armed man in Omaha push when he should be pulling before his partner in crime comes to rescue him.

A bungling bank robber in Nebraska needed help from an accomplice to open the unlocked front door into the building.

The gun-wielding suspect was thwarted as he tried to enter the Security National Bank in Omaha on Wednesday morning until his partner in crime came to the rescue.  Surveillance video captured his struggle to figure out how to get in, pushing the door when he should be pulling it open. He spends eight seconds in confusion before she returns to help him enter.

Lending a hand: But as he reaches the entrance the male robber appears to get stuck, seemingly unable to open the door. He hesitates for a few seconds before the female robber returns to let him in (pictured)

After taking an undisclosed amount of money, the duo fled through the same door, marked “push to exit” – this time without any trouble.

No one was hurt. The man and woman made their getaway, fittingly, in a silver Ford Escape.

Video/Photos: LiveLeak