Irish Girl Finds Her Identical ‘Twin’ Online and Even Her Dad Can’t tell The Difference



Irish Girl Shannon Lonergan, finding her lookalike Sara Nordstrom, is making Mr Lonergan her father to have Spare a thought, because he is one confused dad right now.

Irish, 21-year-old Shannon Lonergan from County Kerry, Ireland, is the latest person to find their twin stranger online, thanks to the Twin Strangers Facebook page (yep, 2015 is definitely the year of stranger twins), and now dad doesn’t know who’s who.

Shannon, Irish, was contacted by her look-a-like Sara Nordstrom, 17, from Sweden through the page after she signed up over the summer, and they recently met up for the first time in Dublin. 

The student admits their similarities ‘frightened’ her initially. And her dad’s all at sea. ‘When my dad first saw myself and Sara he did not know where to look. He kept looking at her than me and looked so confused,’ Shannon says.


She was equally freaked out initially. ‘When I opened the door and saw Sara standing there, literally my heart jumped into my mouth,’ she said, but added: ‘Once I saw Sara’s face I felt my butterflies disappear. We had the exact same expressions, pout, smile. It’s so weird.’ 


Sara said: ‘I was nervous but very excited before flying to Ireland. I was afraid Shannon and I wouldn’t look like each other in person but it turned out I had nothing to worry about. She is definitely my doppelganger. ‘It felt a bit surreal when we finally met, a bit like looking at yourself.’

The two celebrated finding each other with a trip round Dublin’s Christmas markets. As you do.  And it turns out, they don’t just look alike.


‘We’ve both competed at high levels in sport,’ Sara said. ‘I used to be in the top groupings for show jumping in Sweden and Shannon has placed very highly for dancing in both Ireland and the UK. ‘We also seem to see things the same way. There was a bathroom underneath the stairs in the house where we were staying and ­at different times ­we both commented: “It’s just like in Harry Potter”. ‘That was a bit strange’. 

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