In Dubai A Beautiful Kenyan Woman Clubbed To Death By Jilted Lover At Workplace


A Beautiful Kenyan woman in Dubai was murdered in cold blood by a Kenyan man after she resisted his romantic advances on Facebook.

Catherine Waithera Njogu, 27, moved to Dubai in August 2014 to join Smart Initiative Solutions Agency (SISA) as account manager, was reportedly battered with a baseball bat before being gored by a knife around 4.30pm on March 1 in the company’s seventh floor office in the Park Avenue building. More after the cut…

Her father Joseph Njogu, 50, who received Catherine’s body on Tuesday, a fortnight after the gruesome murder, said the family is in a state of shock. “She was a calm and collected girl with a beautiful heart that could never think of harming anyone,” Njogu told XPRESS from their hometown Ruiru in Kenya’s Kiambu County.

According to sources from Dubai, Waithera and Njiiri had been in a relationship and had broken up. Njiiri had thereafter tried to lure Waithera back but she was not giving in. Njiiri had also been threatening to kill the lady for the past one month.

Njjiri claimed that he had spent a lot of money to bring Waithera from Kenya to Dubai and seemed to want a relationship in return. Waithera is said to have broken off the relationship and Njiiri saw this as a betrayal after he had brought her to Dubai. Njiiri is said to have snapped that fateful day walking into Waithera’s workplace beating her up and eventually stabbing her to death.

Watson Njiiri of Nanyuki who is said to have stormed into Catherine's work place and attacked killing her on the spot

Catherine’s workplace remained sealed when Xpress visited the 14-storey tower last week. Details of what actually happened are murky. A building staff said Njjiri was armed with a petrol bomb. Another man said the suspect set alight a pile of clothes to trigger fire alarms so he could take advantage of the ensuing melee and attack the woman.

Catherine’s father said the man who killed his daughter is also from Kenya and has been taken into custody. “He used to stalk my girl on Facebook and followed her everywhere. She was living in fear. I hope he gets the severest of punishments,” Njogu said. “We feel betrayed because we thought she was in a safe environment. That she will be killed in broad daylight, in front of everyone at her workplace, is hard to accept. What was the security doing?”

A comment from the police was not readily available and Catherine’s employer refused to discuss the case saying it has already caused her “enough damage”.

Kenyan media reports claim the Njjiri works for a courier company in the UAE. Some accounts say he landed Catherine a job in Dubai hoping to win her heart, but became a jilted lover when she cold-shouldered him.

But Njogu rubbished these reports. “My daughter got a job on her own merit. Even if one were to believe that this man helped her does it give him the right to kill her?” he asked.

Catherine’s friends said they still can’t believe she’s dead.

“When I first heard about the incident I thought it was a cruel prank,” said one of them.“I am saddened and shocked,” posted another friend on Facebook.

A classmate at Kenyatta University from where Catherine graduated with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and philosophy in 2012 said: “Oh no just woke up to this very sad news. So depressing, so surreal.”