‘I loved him and I still love him’ says Lindsey Vonn ‘no regrets about relationship with Tiger Woods’



Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic gold medalist confirmed she still loves her ex-boyfriend Tiger Woods, with whom she split six months ago due to their “incredibly hectic lives,” during a Friday interview with CNN’s Alpine Edge show. The 31-year-old athlete added that she isn’t sure a new relationship is her top priority.

“I mean, I loved him and I still love him, and I had an amazing three years with him,” she said of the pro golfer. “But you know, sometimes things just don’t work out. And unfortunately it didn’t work out for us.” “I kind of realize that probably realistically I only have three good years of racing left, so it’s kind of nice just to be able to focus on that and focus on my career,” she said. “I just want to keep winning races,” she continued. “That’s really my only goal.”

The two divorcees, who met during a 2012 charity event and announced their mutual split via simultaneous online posts in May, both appeared to struggle with the breakup in its immediate aftermath.