Amanda Ebeye has stated that she cannot marry the father of her child because he was not meant to be her husband.

The Nollywood, Amanda Ebeye actress was bashed by fans after giving birth in Canada out of wedlock.

Speaking on Saturday, Ebeye said he decided not to marry the father of her baby because he didn’t want to be in a useless relationship, describing the man as a shameless pretender. She further stated that since she made the decision to take care of the baby herself, she has never looked back, adding that God has been strengthening her all this while.

The actress said when she finds a good man, she will get married. Reacting to the tongue lash from her fans, the actress said everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, noting that most people don’t know what others go through but they are fast to bury them.

Ebeye said “We all hide behind our beautiful make- up and clothes that people forget that we all cry sometimes. “And the most painful part is that it is mostly women that do these criticisms. “Some are even going through worse situations but they come on social media, wearing make- up and fine clothes and start commenting but when they go home, their husbands would slap them for not cooking their food early, and they receive it with smiles, walk away and say I’ m fighting for my man. Hypocrites!”

Ebeye noted that contrary to popular believe that being a single mother is a tough job, being a mother is the best feeling in the world and indescribable. She admonished women to do their best as a wife and mother and to have a job to support the family.