Husband Admits Stabbing His Wife To Death After He Found Out She’d Been Cheating


Stabbed ... Jonathan Cudworth admits to killing Mika, but claims it was not murder

Former soldier, Husband, Jonathan Cudworth says he stabbed his wife Mika four times during blazing row. 

A Husband has admitted he ‘lost it’ and stabbed his wife to death after she confessed to sleeping with a customer at the bar she worked at. Former soldier Jonathan Cudworth, 35, who is accused of murder, told Canterbury Crown Court that he attacked Mika, 36, after she returned home from her bar job on April 28.

Cudworth, who denies murder but admits manslaughter, says he stabbed his wife four times during a heated row – but was ‘horrified’ to find he had killed her. He told the court that an argument started when Mika admitted to having sex with a man from the pub in Great Mongeham and that she would be leaving him.

Cudworth said: ‘She was pushing and prodding me and I grabbed her round the neck. She was screaming at me. ‘I put my hand behind me, probably to steady myself and I came across a knife I had been using with apples earlier. ‘I grabbed it and struck her with it. I don’t know where or how many times.’

When asked by his barrister Oliver Saxby QC if he accepted the evidence that he had stabbed the victim four times in the front, back and her side, he replied: ‘I accept that. I just lost it and struck… I stabbed her.’

Cudworth, of Northbourne, Kent, claimed after killing Mika he went into the kitchen and vomitted. Recounting the events following the attack, the accused said: ‘I was just in shock. I then heard a bang and went back into the living room and found her lying near to a window. ‘I then checked her pulse but I couldn’t find one. There was no sign of life. I was just horrified and in shock.’

Crime scene

Cudworth left Mika’s body in the back garden near a compost heap after realising he would be spotted on a neighbour’s CCTV if he took her out the front door.

The victim’s body was found on May 11 after Cudworth made a call to his uncle Neil Gilbert and revealed where he had left her