Beyonce is trying to save her marriage to Jay-Z, the singer’s ex-manager, Bryan “Kenny” Moore has revealed.

Rumours has it that Beyonce Knowles’ second pregnancy is part of her plan to save her marriage to Jay-Z .

Kenny revealed that Beyonce is following her mother Tina Knowles’ footsteps when it comes to saving her marriage to her husband.

Speaking to Radar Online, Kenny said, “It’s the same thing [Beyonce’s] mom did.” “She fought tooth and nail to hold on to that marriage, and Beyonce is cut from same cloth. She’s not going to let anything beat her, not even marriage.”

He added, “All I know from the past, is how her parents were. Tina and Matthew fought hard to stay together over the years, I admired them, but I guess things then got out of hand. They were always fighters and loved each other.”

“I pray that the babies make their relationship stronger. I would want nothing more than her and Jay-Z to go off into the sunset, be happy, and become grandparents one day.

“Two more babies would be perfect for her. She always worked hard and played hard. She’s done everything she’s needed to do, but she’ll remain on top with her music, she’s a smart girl.

“I know Beyonce, and she’ll figure it out. She’ll find a way to make sure her kids don’t suffer, and her fans don’t suffer either. I think she’ll do the Celine Dion thing and keep working, but make time to be the best mom she can be. She’s already doing a great job with Blue Ivy,” Kenny added.