Hoverboard Explodes! Owner Warns Others To Throw Theirs Away – Video



Hoverboard explodes in dramatic footage captured by owner who warns others to throw theirs away. The dramatic footage has been viewed more than five million times online as man warns others to be extra careful. 

This is the shocking moment a hoverboard explodes seconds after a man was riding on long a pavement. As the board begins to smoke Delvon Simmons begins filming, but moments later an explosion is heard and the black metal contraption bursts into flames . Firefighters turn up and battle to get the flames under control, leaving the £400 hoverboard completely destroyed.

Mr Simmons uploaded the clip to Facebook , where it has been viewed over five million times in the last few days.  He starts commentating as he records the action on his mobile phone.

Hoverboard explodes

Hoverboard explodes

He can be heard saying: “It happened folks. “My board just burned up. “We better call the fire people.”  He takes a step back as the hoverboard explodes, before adding: “$600 down the drain. “All you parents who got this for Christmas, you got this in your house, I suggest you sell it. “Get rid of it.”

The incident happened in Koreatown area of Los Angeles, California.