Homeless man gets job after barman buys him suit and gives him interview tips



Remember Louie Cooper ?, 22, he bought Omar suit for job interview. Omar who was living on the streets of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, when he came into the Five Bar & Kitchen looking for work.Louise Cooper, is the manager of the restaurant, that couldn’t offer him any work, but he knew how he could help.
First, he took Omar to the local Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice shop, where the homeless man’s soleless shoes, ripped jeans and dirty jumpers were replaced with a suit. Then, Mr Cooper took Omar to a café and talked through interview techniques with him. And it paid off. Just a few days later, Omar had found a job in a local takeaway.


“I had no faith in humankind after I lost it all, but Louie has restored that,’ said Omar.
‘He did not have to do what he did. For somebody so young, Louie has a good head on his shoulders, I can never thank him enough.’ said Omar


“I could tell when Omar came in that he was a guy who was down on his luck,’ Mr Cooper said. ‘I could see he wasn’t a drug addict or an alcoholic and I thought I could reach out to this guy.’‘If this can inspire someone else to give a few minutes of their time to others then that’s great,’ he added.