HAPPY NEW YEAR – World Sees In New Year With Spectacular Fireworks Photos/ Video



DUBAI ushered in the New Year with spectacular fireworks — despite smoke billowing from a huge skyscraper blaze nearby during the display.

But Dubai incredibly authorities decided to continue with the fireworks from the Burj Khalifa tower, the world’s largest building. Cameras captured the stunning sparks, a stone’s throw away from the burning hotel. Some 1.6 tonnes of fireworks were used in the spectacular display, which lasted more than 20 minutes. 

Shortly afterwards Moscow let off its firework display, five minutes after schedule, while Paris is expected to celebrate the New Year in more sombre style at 11pm, after the Paris attacks in November which killed 130 people. A display by the Thames in London will start as Big Ben strikes 12, as crowds start to gather by the river. Earlier, a multi-coloured firework waterfall left crowds spellbound in Sydney, Australia. The main display was accompanied by pyrotechnic effects in the shapes of butterflies, octopuses and flowers. Around 23,000 tonnes of fireworks were used in the show. 

Dubai fireworks

New Year's Eve firework display

New Year celebrations

Tickets have sold out for the London Mayor’s official fireworks display on the South Bank in the capital. Extra armed officers have been drafted in to police the New Year extravaganza. Those without tickets are being advised to watch the display at home or in a bar. Authorities in Paris have scaled down their celebrations and the celebrations in Brussels have been axed in fear of terror threats.

Officials in Las Vegas urged party-goers to leave bags, backpacks and buggies at home to help security. Rio de Janeiro will have two themes for its New Year’s party  the 100th anniversary of samba music and the upcoming Olympics next year. More than two million people are expected to party the night away on the famous beach.

Cities across Europe have been forced to review, cancel or scale-back New Year’s Eve celebrations over terror attack fears. The mayor of Brussels cancelled all plans for events, and police arrested six people on Thursday in connection with an alleged plot to target the city on New Year’s Eve