‘Gucci’ Gangster With Bizarre Tattooed Face Arrested Over Gun Charges


Gucci face

The California crook, whose head and face are covered in tattoos, is now behind bars after police found a hidden cache of guns and drugs.

Photos of his amazing Fresno police force mugshot have now gone viral around the world. More after the cut…

As well as having the dome of his head covered in spirals, the words ‘speak no evil’ on his top lip the gang banger also has the name of the exclusive designer brand Gucci emblazoned on his forehead. Police pulled over the 33-year-old, who was out of prison as part of an early release program. According to local news teams, as he was on probation, they were allowed to search his home without a warrant.

CUcci Bag

When they went to Thammavong’s home, police found pics of the gangster posing with guns and the weapons. Cops found a semi-automatic rifle, a handgun, tactical gear, 38 cannabis plants and other drug paraphernalia.