German Man Dies After Blowing Up Condom Vending Machine


Vending machine explosion

German man died on Christmas Day after blowing up a condom vending machine with a homemade bomb in a botched robbery, police say.

German,  29-year-old and two accomplices attached the Homemade bomb to the vending machine in a quiet street before taking cover in their vehicle.
But the victim did not close the door in time and was struck in the head by a steel shard from the explosion.
His accomplices took him to hospital but he later died of his wounds. The men told staff at the hospital in the western town of Schoppingen that their unconscious friend had fallen down the stairs.  But one of German later admitted to police that they had blown up the machine. 

Vending machine explosion

Officers say the suspects apparently got into a car after priming the explosion but the 29-year-old failed to close his door and was hit by debris when the machine exploded. Police alerted to the explosion in the town of Schoeppingen Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands, on Christmas Day found condom packets and cash lying on the ground, apparently untouched. Police confirmed that none of the money or condoms from the machine had been taken.
The two surviving men were arrested before later being released from custody.