General Hospital In Orile Agege Where Patients Sleep On The Floor – Photos


This is a general hospital at Orile Agege, in Lagos State. According to my source who visited this place, he told me that patients are been treated on bare floor, yes, I mean bare floor.

He said the Medical Director of this hospital has refused to discharge these sets of people when they complained of the condition of the hospital, the Medical Director also stated that no one should be referred to any other hospital, knowing fully well that there is no bed space left again, the patients have no choice but to sleep on the floor, on benches and on the metal chairs at the reception. More after the cut….

The Medical Director still from these patients to pay before treatment, even though they had no bed space no electricity and rats were rampant in this place, I was reliably informed that rats roam this facilities at will. An unconfirmed report have it that, there may be likely case of LASSA fever in this hospital. If the state of Admission and ward is this bad, we worder what state of toilets and bathrooms will looklike. 

I want to use this medium to call on the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Ambode, The commissioner of health, Dr. Jide Idris and other law enforcement to please go into this hospital before we have an epidemic situation in Lagos state.