From Catwalk To Can’t Walk: Naomi Campbell Pictured In Wheelchair After Her Hip Operation Claims



Catwalk Supermodel Naomi Campbell is a long way from the catwalk as she is pictured being pushed about in a wheelchair just weeks after it’s been revealed she needs a hip operation according to a reliable source.

Catwalk runway queen, 45, was also spotted with a cane as she left Brazil’s Guarulhos Airport after a long haul flight just before Christmas. Despite apparently struggling, Naomi made sure she still looked fabulous in a striking pink coat and designer shades. Naomi’s fragile appearance comes after the Source said how in three decades on the world’s catwalks have taken their toll on her body.

The star arrived at the West End premiere of Eddie Redmayne’s The Danish Girl earlier this month with a cane and said at the bash that she needs a hip replacement.  Sources claim she also used a wheelchair, which she has been seen in since being mugged in 2012, at another London event.


An insider said: “Naomi had to hobble in through the back door to avoid being pictured. “She was openly telling other guests she may need a hip replacement. She said her injury was down to wear and tear.” Another added: “It’s become well known in the industry that she’s been suffering.“There have been a lot of whispers about what’s wrong with her, given that she has even needed a wheelchair at certain points.”


Naomi’s representative claimed she needed a wheelchair in Brazil due to “a light foot injury”.

They said: “Whilst it is a private matter, it is a light foot injury which Naomi sustained before her visit to London “She is out and about as usual. There is no scheduled surgery.”