Federal Govt says No Money But Nigerian Senate illegally buying N4.7billion exotic cars for Saraki and all Senators



Federal senate also want the vehicles to come with integrated navigator cruise control, QI-Compatible wireless charging and Kinetic dynamic suspension system, as well as being “full option”.

Federal Senate is currently on the verge of illegally buying various brands of exotic vehicles for use by its President, Bukola Saraki, and the 108 other senators.  The cars will cost taxpayers an estimated N4.7billion that could be spent on vaccinating newborns and save them from dying or on providing electricity for remote communities so kids stop doing school assignments using paraffin lamps. The upper legislative chamber is buying the vehicles at a time millions of Nigerians are facing severe economic hardship, including nonpayment of salaries.

The procurement which has been approved by Federal Government, is  happening at a time millions of Nigerians are enduring long and humiliating fuel queues across the country because the federal government is too broke to pay importers of petrol several billions in subsidy claims. Already, the management of the National Assembly has invited bids from contractors interested in supplying the vehicles, which indicated the amount involved has been approved by federal Government.

In an advertisement published in some newspapers, including Blueprint of November 20, 2015, the authorities asked the companies to tender for “Lot 1S, Supply of Utility Vehicles”. The advert, in what appears a deliberate ploy to conceal details, failed to indicate the number, type and specification of vehicles being bought. 

However, the detailed copies of tender documents being discreetly issued to prospective contractors has been widely circulated by some nigerian newspapers In one of the documents, the Senate indicated it was buying 120 units of Toyota Land Cruiser, 2016 model. Other details of the vehicles included that they must be “American Brand, V8, VXR, 5.7, Auto Engine WITH INTELLIGENCE”. The senators also want the vehicles to come with integrated navigator cruise control, QI-Compatible wireless charging and Kinetic dynamic suspension system, as well as being “full option”.
On November 21, the Senate also put up another advert it labelled “addendum”. The latest advert under Lot 2S, which was couched to look like an oversight in the first advert, was for the purchase of vehicles for the use of the senate president’s convoy.


Under Lot 2S and based on the tender document, which we have also obtained, the national assembly is seeking to purchase a 2016 model Mercedes Benz S550 for Mr. Saraki. Other vehicles being procured for Mr. Saraki include four 2016 Toyota Prado jeeps, four 2016 Toyota Hilux SS (Auto) as well as a 2016 model Toyota Hiace Bus.

A market survey on all the vehicles being bought by the senate and we can confirm that the upper chamber would spend over four billion naira of taxpayers money to enhance their taste for luxury. Specifically, give or take, vehicles are valued at N4.739,515,625.
Although there are 109 senators, the lawmakers are buying 120 Toyota Land-cruisers. It is not clear where the balance of 11 vehicles would go. Because of the widespread cars that will cost taxpayers an estimated N4.7billion,  Nigerians generally are expressing their outrage on social media. 

Comments monitored on different mediums where the article was posted show a universal rebuke by Nigerian citizens against the selfish plans by the ruling elite. Nigerians are currently experiencing harsh economic conditions brought about by years of economic mismanagement and political thievery.  
Here are Some of the stand-out comments highlighted are as follows:

Enemona said: This is one of the reasons those criminals wanted to gag online press.

Onike said: What did we do to offend these people? Haba.

Ibrahim Idris: said We know nigerian senators are not servant leaders rather they are there to serve their pockets, if not cos of their madness thinking our country is currently facing economic meltdown but nothing mind them, their main target is to steal our money and buy expensive vehicles. God will punish u all.

Adedeji Waheed said: Having Saraki as our senate president will surely slow down the war against corruption that president Buhari is fighting but the problem lies on the supreme court who grant him a relief from CCT that is probing him if the senate use big money like that to buy cars for saraki and others how are they going to fight corruption?

Ismaila Saidu said : Are we back in the Ken Nnamani days, when the national assembly wanted to buy 4 expensive Lexus bullet-proof salon cars for the SP, DSP, Speaker HR and DSHR. 1 of the said cars then costs more than G. Bush’s and T. Blairs’s rover limousines combined(THE MEWS MAGAZINE). What a dangerous move!

Deji Michael said: If truly there is cash crunch Buhari will nt be proposing 6trn as 2016 budget

Muhammad Sani said: Jonathan approved 400m to buy new cars for president Buhari but on assuming office Buhari cancelled the approval and agreed to use the ones he inherited from Jonathan.

Emmanuel James said: I know apc members and other parties including pdp are involved in this but some people will still come here to paint pdp as evil and apc as saint. this clearly shows that both pdp and apc are corrupt

Megbeach Ernest said: APC and buhari has deceived nigerians. there is no difference in actions and deeds of what they accused PDP.

Gandoki said: Biafra people should shut up because saraki is not doing this alone both Igbo Yoruba and Hausa are passing votes of confidence for this corrupt senate president ..

Dadubule said: Cash crunch, naira devaluation, oil price falls has nothing to do with income and expenses of senators , its only common people and poor masses will surfer that.