Father and Son duo Accused of Stealing $41,000 Worth of Chicken Wings



Father and son stole thousands of pounds worth of chicken wings from their employer in one of the strangest thefts in history.  

Father, Paul Rojek and his son Joshua Rojek have been charged with falsifying records and grand larceny after nabbing $41,000 (£27,000) worth of chicken. The pair were using the wholesalers that supply a restaurant in New York where they both work to order large quantities of the bird then withholding the receipts before picking up the orders themselves.

They then went and sold the pilfered chicken on the streets or to other establishments for a lower price. According to The Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office, Father, Paul Rojek, 56 and Son, Joshua Rojek, 33 years old were billing thousands of dollars worth of wing orders to the Twin Trees Too restaurant between February and November this year. To put the sheer amount of cash they pilfered into perspective $41,000 (£27,000) could get you around 4,500 meals from KFC.


Which might be a better option than stealing thousands of pounds worth of the fried treat. More than $3,000 Earlier this year, thieves stole buckets and buckets of chicken from KFC. Worth of the bird was stolen from a branch of the fast food chain in Toldedo, Ohio.

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