New single from Falz rapper is a mockery of Nigerians who will do anything to appear rich and comfortable.

Rap star Falz has been on his #wehdonesir trend for the last week. It’s the latest pop culture product/trend from a rapper who is a viral live wire. The trend was quick to catch on among his loyal band followers. Falz rapper’s the latest video ‘Wehdone Sir’ is a shot at making the slang and signature move a staple in Nigerian pop culture. Apart from being a potential hit from the intelligent rapper, ‘Wehdone Sir’ is a shot at Nigerians who love living the fake life. In the first verse in the video, we see Falz playing the role of ‘Segun’ a ‘borrow pose’ playboy who looks rich but does not have enough to buy food for himself.

The double lifestyle is common among certain Nigerians. The pressure to appear rich at all costs has led many to show off things that they do not have or necessarily need while neglecting the basics. I have been told about a guy who lives in his car. He bought his car so that he could be part of the Honda gang but after he paid for the ride he couldn’t afford to pay his house rent.

‘Borrow pose make me shine’ is the motto of the many who have succumbed to Nigeria’s intensely materialistic society. The rat race to look good and oppress your fellow man with your possessions shows itself in the name we give to small electric generators in Nigeria.
‘I better pass my neighbour’ is the name of the popular electric generators millions of Nigerians below the middle-class use. Even at the lowest level, many Nigerians want to stunt on their neighbours.

Falz’s song might have a lot of comedy in it but it speaks of a harsh truth that we love to live beyond our means in order to appear rich and glamourous.