Fake Police Kidnapped Two Men in Netherlands – Video


Gino Heeren and Rien de Koning kidnapped from a car dealership in Breda, Dec 29th, 2015 (Photo: Politie)

Two men were kidnapped by fake police officers on Tuesday.

Two men were kidnapped from car dealership Rene de Koning Auto’s on Aardenhoek in Breda at 11:20 a.m. on Thursday by four armed men who may have been posing as police officers. One of the kidnappers wore a short, black jacket with a police logo on the back and the men were taken away in a blue Volkswagen Transporter van with a flashing light on the roof. The police are urgently looking for the kidnapped mens’ whereabouts.

The first victim is 18 year old Gino Heeren from Sprundel. He has a stout stature, dark hair and was dressed in a striking blue tracksuit with white stripes, white socks and slippers when he was taken. The second victim, 42 year old Rien de Koning from Schoondijke, was dressed in jeans and a dark blue hoodie. Both men worked at the car dealership.

Gino Heeren from Sprundel
Rien de Koning, kidnapped from car dealership in Breda, Dec 29th, 2015 (Photo: Politie)
Rien de Koning from Schoondijke

Not much is known about the perpetrators, despite surveillance footage. They all wore dark clothing. The Volkswagen Transporter had a fake license plate 26-BX-NT. They drove off in the direction of Heusdenhoutseweg in Breda. The rest of their route is unknown.

The police raided a building in Chaam on Wednesday searching for the kidnappers after two tips pointing to the building, but came up empty. A spokesperson for the police told broadcaster NOS that the kidnappings may be related to an unpaid debt or drugs, but they are investigating all scenarios.  There are rumors the kidnapping is related to organized crime. Police released the surveillance video earlier today in an attempt to obtain more information about the kidnapping. There is a reward of € 10,000 for information on the whereabouts of the 2 men. 

The police are urgently calling on anyone with any information on the men’s whereabouts to come forward.