An ex-teacher who sexually abused three of her underaged students about four years ago, on Tuesday said she now regrets her action.

The ex-teacher, Brianne Altice who had pleaded guilty to three counts charge of sexual abuse two years ago, broke down in tears on Tuesday at hearing on the case.

Narrating her crime, Altice said: “I clearly lost sight of all my values and my principles and was seeking inappropriate means to address my own issues, issues I’m very aware of now.”

The ex-teacher at Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah, said: “This was my doing, this was no one else’s fault but my own. This was not my ex-husband’s fault, or the school’s fault, or my students’ fault. These were my poor, poor decisions. I’m very aware of it and I am very -remorseful. I regret the decisions I made that brought us here.”

The mother of two was first arrested in October, 2013 following a report to the police by one of the victims. Altice on Tuesday during her parole stated that she sexually molested the victims, who were 16 and 17 at the time and admitted that she had sex with one of them, a then 16-year-old student, in a church parking lot and during the school lunch hour. She also confessed to having sexual knowledge of another 17-year old after her arrest and subsequent bailed out.

When Robert Yeates, the parole board’s vice-chairman asked Altice if he knew the gravity of her action at the time, she replied: “No, I do not believe I did.”
“I had extreme self-esteem issues, and they [the victims] said things that made me feel good about myself,” she said. “I just started to justify everything. I wasn’t functioning in a healthy adult manner at all,” Altice submitted.

The Prosecutor counsel, Davis County Deputy District Attorney Cristina Ortega, says Altice’s crimes had a “really substantial impact” on her victims.

“I think it was the sentiment in the public that this was any boy’s dream to have a relationship with an older woman like a teacher, and I didn’t see it that way because she impacted the lives of all three of these boys.” “I think she took advantage of each of the boys and what issues they may have had, whether it was their family or drugs or that sort of thing,” Ortega says. “I think she took advantage of that and she made their problems even worse. And on top of that, they had to deal with the public scrutiny of a lot of people saying, ‘You are not a victim because you are a boy.’ I think she layered on the impact with these boys.”

Altice told hearing on Tuesday that during her therapy session at Timpanogos Women’s Facility in Draper, Utah, she has earned a paralegal certificate and plans to live in a home owned by her parents and continue her therapy, if she is released.

A parole board spokesman revealed that a five-member board will in about two weeks, decide the number of years Altice will spend in jail. He added that the current release date for Altice is 2045.