Ex-President Jimmy Carter teaches Late At Sunday school, Hours after grandson’s death


Former president Jimmy Carter's (center) grandson Jeremy (pictured left in 2009) has died unexpectedly at the age of 28. Carter is seen talking to Jeremy and another grandson Hugo Wentzel (right) in Istanbul, Turkey

Ex – President Jimmy Carter’s grandson has died unexpectedly at the age of 28.

Ex – President Grandson, Jeremy Carter wasn’t feeling well and said he was going for a nap, the 91 year old told a Sunday School class. Hours later, his mother tried to wake him at their Peachtree City, Georgia, home and realized his heart had stopped.  He died in a hospital on Sunday morning. The cause of his death has not yet been determined. 

It comes just two weeks after he told the same group at the Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, he was cancer free.  Churchgoers told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that after Carter shared the heartbreaking news, he continued with his class and even stayed to take pictures with those in attendance. He was 25 minutes late for his regular slot, the first time he has ever been tardy.

Jeremy told family members he wasn't feeling well so went for a nap. Hours later his mother tried to wake him and realized his heart had stopped 

Church member Jan Williams told the newspaper: ‘.I’m not surprised. That’s the kind of Christian he is. Everything that happens in life, good or bad, he uses as a teaching experience. He lives his life as a lesson for other people to see.’

Jill Stuckey, another member of the congregation, told the Journal-Constitution that Jeremy Carter was a ‘great, fun-loving guy.’ ‘Life’s full of its ups and downs and the Carters aren’t immune,’ the newspaper quoted her as saying.

Rev. Jeremy Shoulta told CNN that Carter was obviously shaken and Jeremy’s death seemed to be weighing heavily on him. However he was still able to deliver the lesson like he does every week.  He even stayed behind at the end to take pictures.

Carter described Jeremy as ‘a very special child’, according to NBC. He was the son of Annette and Jeff Carter, Jimmy Carter’s youngest son.  ‘Papa are you going to die someday?’ Carter recalled him saying. ‘And I was really happy that my grandchild was concerned about me.’  ‘I finally said, “Well Jeremy, everybody’s going to die someday”,’ Carter recalled. To which Jeremy responded, ‘When you die, can we still come to [this] place?
After news of Jeremy’s death surfaced, many took to Twitter to pay their respects to the Carter family.

Hillary Clinton was one of the first people to pay their respects to Jeremy after hearing news of his death 

Reverend Jesse Jackson also said he would be praying for the former president