The social welfare office in Jos South Local Government, has arrested and handed to the police a 43-year-old evangelist Christopher Sule, who allegedly tortured his two children.

Mr Garba Mancha, the Social Welfare Officer, said, the agency took the action after it discovered that the evangelist had persistently used cable wires to beat his 6- and 8-year old children.

Mancha said, “We found the children with deep wounds on their bodies; the situation was just horrible.”

The children have endured the besting for three years according to Mancha. Mancha told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), in Jos on Tuesday, that “The shocking aspect is that even their mother did not report to anyone,” he said.

The father of the children, evangelist Sule upon summon, attributed his actions to the poor academic performance of the children. Other offences included alleged stealing, stubbornness and returning late, when sent on errands.

Mancha said “The father, in his statement, confessed to using cable and antenna wires, as well as sticks, to beat the children.”

Mancha said that the mother also attributed the beatings to their poor performance in school as well as stubbornness.

Rachael was quoted as describing her husband as “a very loving and caring man, who does not take kindly to poor academic performance and any misbehaviour by the children”.