Drunk traffic warden crushes motorcyclist and passenger’s legs

Traffic Warden Press File Photo

A suspected drunk staff of Ekiti State Traffic Management Agency ( Traffic Warden), in Ado Ekiti on Thursday crushed the legs of a commercial motorcyclist, Popoola Christopher, and his passenger, Tosin Babalola, with a towing truck while pursuing a traffic offender.

An eyewitness said the incident occurred at the Dalimoore Junction, behind Oluyemi Kayode Stadium in the early morning. 

“The truck was pursuing a car from Okesa area, but he did not stop when he got to this junction. While the car entered the road, the truck followed, but while the car escaped, the truck hit an Okada rider (commercial motorcycle operator).” “The driver of the truck who should have applied the break while approaching a busy junction just entered the junction, running over the motorcyclist and his passenger coming in the opposite direction,” he said.

The accident caused a traffic gridlock on the ever busy road. Inside the truck were various brands of bottled liquor, indicating that the truck driver, whose identity could not be ascertained as of press time, was drunk.

Babalola, who spoke on his hospital bed at the Teaching Hospital, said “Only God saved me and that man (referring to the operator) today. We were coming from Oremeta Area and suddenly, we found ourselves under the truck. The speed of the driver was just unbelievable. We were told he was pursuing a car at the time. The man has changed my journey while I was preparing for a new year.”

Christopher urged the state government to investigate the accident and punish the truck driver, adding that the agency should give him and his passenger all necessary treatment and support.

“We should not be abandoned “I cannot understand why such a heavy vehicle would be speeding like that at such a tiny area. Why? Government must support us to get out of this. This accident must not be allowed to deform us.”

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Motorcycle Riders Association, Dahunsi Olaniyi, explained that the issues had been resolved and the victims already taken and being attended to at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital.