After allegedly being without food for four days, a dog has eaten its dead owner in Waterloo, Liverpool.

The Dog, Staffordshire bull terrier, Butch is now to be re-homed with a new family after it was saved from being killed.

An inquiry into the cause of the death of the owner could not reveal if the 10-year-old dog was involved in his death. According to the Merseyside Police, an order to destroy the highly agitated dog was granted last year, with the family of the dead owner supporting same.

But animal campaigners arguing the case have now succeeded in having the order reviewed after claiming that the dog simply did ‘what was natural’ after he was starved for a long time.

A trustee of The Senior Staffy Club, Kate Lee, said: “Butch was left alone for four days without water and food not knowing if anyone was ever coming to help him. “He has done what dogs do and what has come naturally to him. If we can save him we shall assess him and find a new foster home for him.”

On April 2016, the police had argued at the original hearing at Liverpool Magistrates Court that the dog was dangerous. A judge thus week, however, ordered that the decision to destroy the dog be reviewed.