Arsenal’s Theo Walcott has finally challenged Hector Bellerin to a race


It's on: Arsenal's Walcott has finally challenged Bellerin to an official race

Arsenal’s Theo Walcott has challenged his teammate Hector Bellerin to a race to finally determine which of them is the fastest.

Theo and Hector’s the event Arsenal fans have always wanted to see after the Spaniard broke Walcott’s 40metre sprint record in a time of 4.42seconds. And now, finally, it’s going to happen.

We’ve already seen Bellerin skin the likes of Thiago Alcantara alive this season, and he’s the favourite in our eyes.

Walcott laid down the challenge after Bellerin rushed past him after taking over Arsenal’s official Snapchat, saying ‘Look, I am quicker than Theo!’

Theo has responded, though, and while they both joke around about it, you just know they’ll be desperate to beat each other. 

Please, please let this happen…

                                                       Who would win a race between Bellerin and Walcott?
                                                                             Bellerin                                Walcott