Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke took a swipe at a fellow actress for snatching her man.

Apparently, the unnamed actress had her movies sponsored by the said man and now, things have turned sour.. She wrote:

‘When bitches think they’re Smart. Wen u were doing all ur poo and ve in a good time u didnt feel used or feel bad u were enjoying it. Wen u were posting and throwing shades on social media tow me u didnt feel bad u were enjoying it. Wen u were busy sourcing for bad informations about me two tell him? cooking up all the lies u cooked up just two make me suffer and make him hate me u didnt feel bad or even called me then. When he gave you cars/money two make ur so called movies and maintain dat fake ass life you’re living u were enjoying it when dat things has turned bad for u datz wen u ve the hands to pick ur phone to call me and try to play smart on me. . guess wat u fail now u re begging? Wat happened 2 u been done? What happened to ur ritual dreams? When bitches think they’re Smart I just laugh like dis #mood bitches pls!’- Daniella Okeke wrote