Dad Got The Best Christmas Present From Son And His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart


This man got the best Christmas present and his reaction will melt your heart

Dad received one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts of the year and it’s definitely the most heartwarming reaction.

Anthony Morse, from Lamar, Colorado, shared a short clip of his dad opening his present from the family on Christmas Day and it’s now been retweeted more than 94,000 times and liked over 146,000 times.

Anthony explains: ‘He hasn’t seen his mom in 8 years and she doesn’t have much time left so we got him plane tickets to go see her.’   

In the short clip, his dad opens the present and is then heard saying: ‘Tickets? What the hell did you do?’ before slipping on his glasses to get a better look. The tickets were to New York, where his mum lives, which is around 1,700 miles from Colorado (or a 4hr 30 min flight). 

When he realises what he’s been given, He starts sobbing. The 30-second clip ends with his kids wishing him ‘Merry Christmas dad’. Anthony later tweeted to say his dad couldn’t keep the smile off his face.