Criminally Handsome Jeremy Meeks Post Prison Modeling Prayers Might Been Answered


Jeremy Meeks

Jeremy Meeks is out of prison and ready to get his modeling career off the ground. Jeremy posted a pic to his Instagram, with his new business manager Jim Jordan, with the following statement…

He is the convicted felon whose ‘criminally handsome’ mugshot went viral after it was released by a California police department last year and now 32-year-old Jeremy Meeks is set to trade hobnobbing with crooks for brushing shoulders with royalty. Meeks, a married father-of-three, was released from jail at 9am on Tuesday morning and is currently in a transitional home where he is adjusting to life on the outside and his newfound fame.

Now his close friend and agent, fashion photographer Jim Jordan, has revealed that the former felon is being deluged with offers from all over the world among them a smattering of invitations from unnamed royals to visit them at their palace homes.  Jim Jordan said that the ‘humble’ Meeks is nothing like the hard man image conveyed by his life of crime and gang tattoos, and is instead a ‘soft-spoken family man’ who has been left totally overwhelmed by all the attention.

‘He’s overwhelmed, yeah, because he’s never been out of jail since this [attention] started happening,’ he explained. 

For those of you having doubts that he can turn things around just take a look at his already verified Instagram page with almost 200k followers.


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