An Indian couple died after the husband was crushed under the considerable frame of this 20-stone wife.

In the freak accident in Ramdham, 68-year-old Manjula Vithlani, who weighed around 128kg, slipped on the stairs trying to help her son who had developed a breathing problem.Her husband, Natvarlal, had been following her up the stairs to help their son Ashish, and suffered serious head injuries when she landed on top of him in South West Nagpur.
Ashish and his wife Nisha lived on the first floor of the bungalow in the wealthy Kalavad Road. The married couple lived below on the ground floor.

Talking to the Times of India, a Rajkot Taluka police station official said: ‘Her in-laws also woke up and hurriedly tried to go upstairs to check his health. ‘However, Manjula could not keep her balance and slipped. She fell on Natvarlal who was climbing behind her. ‘They were rushed to a private hospital where both died of cerebral haemorrhage.’

Nisha rushed to try and help her in-laws, but she also slipped on the floor as she attempted to reach them and was admitted to the hospital with injuries on her leg.

Investigating officer at Rajkot Taluka police station Pradhyuman Ravaiya, told the Times of India: ‘The couple always remained anxious about their son’s health. ‘On getting to know that he had taken ill, they tried to reach the first floor in too much hurry.’