Chris Brown At It Again?: Allegedly Punched A Woman In The Eye At Palms Hotel In Las Vegas


Singer Chris Brown is once again being eyed by law enforcement, according to a new report.

A Woman took one photo shot of Chris brown and He just snapped.

The hotheaded R&B singer is under investigation for punching a woman in her right eye after she took his picture at a private party inside a Las Vegas casino, police said. The alleged battery incident occurred shortly before 10:30 a.m. Saturday inside at the Palms Casino Resort, said Lt. Jeff Goodwin of the Las Vegas police.  The punch occurred inside Brown’s suite in the sprawling hotel off the Las Vegas Strip, 8 News Now in Las Vegas reported.

Goodwin, citing the ongoing investigation, declined to provide any details. But the victim, Liziane Gutierrez, left the party and called police,

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But Chris Brown is adamant the woman accusing him of punching her in the face is a liar and was just upset she got kicked out of his private party. A rep for the singer said Liziane Gutierrez was booted from the party at The Palms Saturday morning for being disruptive and out of control.  We’re told once she was in the hallway and waiting for her phone, she had a total meltdown, throwing her purse and claiming she “could buy everyone in the hotel.”

Liziane Gutierrez (r.) says she was attacked by Brown in his suite after she took a photo of him.

As for her phone, the rep tells us Liziane never had it inside the party and her story about Chris becoming enraged when she tried to take a pic is a complete lie. Chris’ people say the police report is merely a case of retaliation for Gutierrez’s bruised ego.

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The Police are still Investigating.