Celebrity Big Brother Star – Farrah Abraham in EXPLOSIVE Teen Mom


farrah Abra11

Most of us are still getting over the headaches caused by this year’s Celebrity Big Brother. The constant rowing, the endless spats and the crazy name calling all seemed to involve Farrah Abraham in one way or another. But if you thought CBB was the wildest Farrah could go you ain’t seen nothing yet. A new trailer shows the 24-year-old bring the drama in the next series of Teen Mom OG  

“I don’t need to be a part of a trashy-ass show. I send back millions of dollars doing other sh**,” she screams at a cameraman.”What a dumb twisted mother-f*****.”She also argues with her mother Debra Danielson while holding daughter Sophia.She says: “Keep crying and creating a scene.” 

“I’m hurt,” her mum sobs. “If you wanna talk then f****** learn how to talk.”

farrah Abra12

In a rather shocking part of the clip, Farrah’s six year old daughter Sophia appears to have inherited the diva gene. She throws a beach ball at her grandmother and says: “I’m mad at you.”  

farrah Abra13

In an emotional scene Farrah and Sophia visit the grave of her ex Dereck Underwood, who died before Sophia was born.

The Teen Mom cries as her daughter asks: “Is Daddy watching us?”

farrah Abra14

Farrah has recently been in the news due to her rather famous assets. And while the attention is usually on her lady bits, which she famously had molded to make a sex toy, this time it was all about her booty.