Caught On Video: Man Repeatedly Assaults Taxi Driver Before Getting Pepper Sprayed



An Orange County man is behind bars Sunday following an alleged assault on Taxi driver Friday evening. The assault was captured on the driver’s dashboard camera. The Taxi driver has been forced to pepper spray a drunken passenger who violently attacked him for kicking the man out of his car. See Video at the end of the Storyline.

Edward Caban was driving the unnamed passenger through Newport Beach, California on Friday night and became irritated at the drunken and hiccupping man’s inability to give him directions. Sensing trouble, Mr Caban flips his dashcam around to face him and pulls to a side street to end the ride.

“I’m kicking you out man, that’s it, trip’s ended,” he says.

The passenger tries to stay in the car, repeating his destination, before seemingly accepting he has to go. As he opens the door, he hits Mr Caban from behind, slapping him around the head and pulling his hair. Luckily Mr Caban has pepper spray close at hand and he maces his assailant in the face, forcing him out.

“Yeah, that’s what happens,” Mr Caban says. “You got maced, motherf—ker.”

The passenger was reportedly arrested shortly after.

(Warning: Video is violent and filled with expletives)