Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Marry ‘Wife’ Candis Cayne


Caitlyn Jenner, the transgender star has been open about wanting to find romance again on her reality show, I Am Cait.

She tried on wedding dresses in the show and has been getting close to transgender actress Candis Cayne , who she’s rumoured to have been dating since last year. They’ve been spotted holding hands and kissing in a shop in LA. More after the cut…

An insider told heat magazine: “Marrying Candis would be the fairy-tale ending. It would be the completion of Cait’s journey and solidify not only how far she’s come, but also prove to her family and friends that her relationship with Candis is real.”

Another friend close to Cait told the magazine: “Cait lived a lonely life as Bruce. She was living a lie with Kris for so long and now she’s blissfully happy to be the “real” her. “If things work out with Candis, Cait would definitely want to celebrate that and get married.”

Caitlyn called Candis her “wife” on the show, and she’s certainly a fan of getting wed she’s been married three times in the past, most recently to Kris Jenner. And after the whole love thing’s sorted? That’s when Caitlyn’s reportedly setting her sights on a Vogue cover – and reckons that she can bag one to commemorate the nuptials she so desires.

An insider told Closer: “Caitlyn is in talks with Anna Wintour to do a Kim and Kanye-style wedding cover for Vogue.”

Looks like Cait isn’t content with breaking the internet with her Vanity Fair cover.