Bus driver gives a homeless man £5, his rewarded generosity



Driver, Stephen Humphris, who stopped his bus to give some money to an homeless man has seen his kindness returned to him.  

Stephen Humphris stopped his bus in Liverpool when he spotted a homeless man standing in the pouring rain. Not wanting to leave his post as a Bus driver , but eager to show some generosity, Stephen asked passenger Faris Khalifa to pass £5 on to the man. 

Seeing Stephen hand over some of his cash to the homeless man standing in the ‘horizontal rain’ made everyone on the bus happy, especially Mr Khalifa.

‘There are people out there who are infinitely less fortunate. He (the driver) made mine and many other people’s day,’ he said. 

Deciding that Stephen’s kindness had to be rewarded, Faris decided to visit some businesses in the centre of the city to see if they could reward Stephen’s small but significant act.

Faris said: ‘Everyone I spoke to, without hesitation, donated the coolest things ever. ‘A bottle of rum from The Jacaranda; a basket of cheese from the Liverpool Cheese Company; two membership cards and a bar tab from Independent Liverpool; a voucher for a dinner for two from Mr Myagi’s. ‘People have come forward offering all kinds to do their bit.’ 


After tracking Stephen down they presented him with a hamper full of goodies.

The 33-year-old Bus driver said: ‘It’s amazing to be noticed for little deeds but the main message is to help people less fortunate than us. ‘I’d like to say a big thanks to Faris who is an amazing man. ‘As an ex-soldier homelessness is a subject very close to me. A massive amount of servicemen come out of the army with mental health problems and end up on the streets. ‘It’s about getting more people to recognise these issues.’

Charity is also close to Faris’ heart – he came to the UK as a Sudanese refugee and credits people’s good nature with helping him become settled in his new home.

‘Helping people remember that good people are still out there is good for morale. I thought he should be rewarded,’ Faris said.