Brandy’s Response Left Countess In Tears When Countess Vaughn Wrote Apology Letter To Brandy An On Instagram



Brandy and Countess Vaughn had some type of beef since The show “Moesha”  ended that’s prove the issue it’s been on for years. 

Brandy and Countess Vaughn have mended their broken friendship. It’s never been reported what the issue actually late , but Countess decided to write Brandy an open apology letter on Instagram today. But Brandy’s response to Countess’ letter left Countess in tears. More after the cut… 

Read Countess Vaughn An Open apology Letter:

B Response:

Countess Vaughn publicly apologizes to Brandy

After years of bad blood between them, They have mended their broken friendship. The ladies, who worked together as teens on Brandy’s hit sitcom, “Moesha,” reportedly fought so much behind the scenes that the singer had Countess booted off of the show. Because of the popularity of Countess’ character, Kim, UPN launched “The Parkers” spinoff. When “The Parkers” began beating “Moesha” in ratings things really got nasty between the two of them.