Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma have been fighting over custody of their 9-year-old daughter Shayla for years, but due to recent events Tyrese wants to make the fighting a thing of the past.

According to Tyrese black lives matter inspired him to have a rethink about the nasty custody battle. Read what he said to TMZ on this custody battle:

Tyrese tells us last week’s horrendous events had a huge impact on both of them, and they had a long, heartfelt talk for the first time in memory … about all the hatred in this country. They realized by waging war with each other, they were part of the problem. Tyrese feels strongly … black families need to band together, and the place to start is home.

As we’ve reported, it got so bad between the 2 Tyrese was accusing Norma of planning to disappear with their 9-year-old daughter, Shayla. Things have changed in a big way in the last few days. Tyrese posted a picture Monday with Norma and Shayla where they were all smiles.

As for the future, Tyrese insists this doesn’t mean he’s getting back with Norma … it’s about putting their differences aside to co-parent Shayla, and it’s working. We’re happy they’ve been able to pull it together for the sake of their daughter. Let’s hope it lasts.