Beyonce Knowles and More celebrities pray for peace and urge public to stop violence after police officers were shot and killed at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas.

A number of celebrities stand up against violence, pay tribute to the police officers killed at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, and send prayers to the wounded ones.

Beyonce Knowles, Demi Lovato, John Legend and Kate Hudson were among those speaking out on social media following the tragic incident. The Dallas Police Department announced “two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally. Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition. An intensive search for suspects is currently underway. No suspects are in custody at this time. We ask that any citizen with information regarding the shooting tonight call 214-671-3482.”

Queen Bey wrote on Instagram, “Rest in peace to the officers whose lives were senselessly taken yesterday in Dallas. I am praying for a full recovery of the seven others injured. No violence will create peace. Every human life is valuable. We must be the solution. Every human being has the right to gather in peaceful protest without suffering more unnecessary violence. To effect change we must show love in the face of hate and peace in the face of violence.”

“#PrayingForDallas #PrayingForPeace,” Demi tweeted. “My heart hurts. God help us.” John was also so saddened as he posted, “These Dallas shootings are horrific. Killing these officers is morally reprehensible and completely counterproductive to keeping us safe. Being against cops killing is not equal to being for killing cops. We need peace in our streets.”

Kate shared a poem in the wake of numerous violent incidents around the world. “These last months have brought so much sadness,” she wrote on Instagram. “From Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Orlando shooting, Dallas, to terrorist attacks of late Bangladesh, Istanbul, Baghdad, Somalia. Everyday there is violence like this reported and not reported. It becomes overwhelming that there could be such hatred and senseless killing. When I can’t make sense of things I just start to write. I don’t usually share my writing but I felt a desire to put this out there. Peace.”

Kerry Washington also called to action in a solemn post, “There are no words that can encapsulate the pain of our bleeding hearts,” she wrote. “Today, again, I am called to put my hand on my heart and affirm that: I matter. MY life matters. As a human, my life matters. As a woman, my life matters. As a Black person, my life matters. My life matters. And yours does too. Whoever you are.”

“As you read this, as you tread through whatever pain you are traversing, know that no matter how much sickness lives in the hearts of those who are afraid of your humanity, YOUR LIFE MATTERS. We must stand up and have the courage and the freedom to say: I matter. And then we must have hearts big enough to say that YOU matter too. Our differences do not give us the right to devalue the worth of another human being.”

“The violence must stop. We must do better,” she urged. “I pray today for the healing of our hearts and the healing of our society.”