Beyoncé and Jay Z pick inspiration from Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America costumes at private Halloween bash in NYC


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Taking us back to memory lane, Beyoncé and Jay Z, bring 1988 Eddie Murphy all time Best Movie Coming to America back to live with their fictional Zamunda’s costume;  hitmaker Jay-Z nailed Prince Akeem Joffer with with a black tuxedo and leopard skin slung over one shoulder complimented with a wedge cap and a long braid similar to that worn by the movie’s star Eddie Murphy in 1988.Meanwhile Beyonce, 34, channelled Zamunda-chic inspired by the movie in a yellow-patterned dress and turban, with heavy beaded necklace. Beyoncé and Jay Z dressed up as Prince Akeem Joffer of Zamunda and Imani Izzi. In 1988, when the Movie was released Beyoncé was 7 years old and Jay Z was 18 years old. The two stars laughed and joked with the waiting photographers, who were impressed by the couple’s imagination. This is not the first time Beyonce and Jay Z dressed similar to that of the Hit movie Recently, the Hollywood couple dressed looking very similar to the dress worn by the movie’s star Vanessa Bell as Imani Izzi in a bash for Queen Bey’s Givenchy Met Gala.

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